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Record shops were all the rage with many teenagers spending their spare time listening to the new singles. Pictured: The Hull Rock and Roll Appreciation Society who took part in a nine hour sponsored dance at the Newbridge Club (1977)The Regis Records store could often be seen swarmed with customers when top singers like Elton John and The Rolling Stones released new music.

Regis Records on Holderness Road where I bought my first records. They used to have listening booths. They were also opposite my dad's shop, where he sold some records as well as TVs - but before I can remember. First record I remember buying is Back Home by the England 1970 world cup squad (b/w Cinnamon stick - I didnt know what Cinnamon was for years). Paul Wright

Well how spooky is this...? My first single was 'Back Home' from Regis in the summer of 1970 too... Got my first LP from here too... Creedence's 'Willy And The Poorboys' in Dec 1970. The shop still stands of course but it's now a bridal shop or similar....Comment: Peter Greendale

(May 19, 2014) Nrg117 said:Regis on holderness road .. My first single - Knights in white satin is it still open ? i doubt it

Name chris parker Comment I bought the monkees greatest hits on tape in 1985 aged 8 used to spend all my pocket money in that shop. ( Sept 21, 2016)

I used to but all my records here when I was djing at the antler club in Marfleet.
Ian Young

I bought my first record here too, ‘tiger feet’ by mud.
Tina Harrison(nee Palmer)

First went there in 1969. Asked for a record, don't know who it's by, but it's got Something on one side and Oh Well on the other. They put me right and I spent a lot of my money there afterwards. Happy Days.
Nick Riley


Dave Harwood
15 Aug 2023 at 01:34
I found an article on the Business Page of the Hull Daily Mail, dated 21st October 1992:
“Small businesses facing competition from other, often bigger shops stressed that customer service was the key to keeping their share of the business. Mr Mike Sedman, proprietor of Regis Record Centre, Holderness Road, said that shops themselves have to do their part by offering a good service to their customers.”


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