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I used to work here (the one in Haymarket Walk :) Wages were crap but we got a free record allowance every week, which is why there's no room in my house. It was a proper old smelly, dirty cavernous shop full of interesting old records, the kind you don't find any more. I moved on to Onyx on Penn Street.

Commnet: Jo Hall

Yup. I used to work at the Haymarket Walk one in the early 90's, in fact just after graduating in 1992. I stayed for about 3 months. There was a terrific flow through of great records, jazz, prog and just great pop music. I remember a stack of vinyl that used to occupy the kitchenette area, where I'd park my BMX. Bought my first copy of the Associates' The Affectionate Punch album (original 1980 version) on my first visit there. Then I asked for a job, was given a pop knowledge test (on paper mind you) and then started a few weeks later. Peter had just opened a shop in Bath. Shame I wasn't as sociable back then. Pete, Bob, Simon (the chaps I remember) - good luck with whatever you're doing.
Comment: James Anthony

Replay, Bristol
When I moved to Bristol in the summer of ’96 there was a proliferation of record shops around the city which catered solely to the “dance” scene. I only remember the name of one of them – Replay, which was next to bus station. Below it in the subway was another shop also called Replay which sold the “indie” type stuff. Replay (the “indie” segment) moved to Park Street in the early noughties. It’s now gone. Charlie Bravo (July 5, 2016).




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