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Richards Records

(Mar 28, 2013) Neil from Kent said:Up until the mid to late-ish '90s there was a Richards Records in Maidstone too.
Richard had branches in Canterbury, Ashford and Maidstone.
I lived in Canterbury and passed the store every day on my way to and from school. Richard was always very helpful and would order anything you were after.
I think YMCA and Super Trooper on 7" would have been the first things I bought there.
The records gradually gave way to CDs and now the store is gone.
Chris Young
As kids we used to go on holiday to Broadstairs, and would always pop into Canterbury for a day. There was a place there called Richard's Records, and I used to find some great stuff in there. The only pain in the arse was not having a turntable at the holiday house, so had to wait to get back home to play them. JJ

Alan Tamkin
The record shop was known as Gooses Record Shop.
I had a good friend who managed it in the 1970's.
Sadly went many years back.




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