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Name: Neil from Kent
Comment: Up until the mid- to late-ish 1990s there was a Richards Records in Maidstone too.
(28 March 2013)

Name: Chris Young
Comment: Richards had branches in Canterbury, Ashford and Maidstone.
I lived in Canterbury and passed the store every day on my way to and from school. Richard was always very helpful and would order anything you were after.

I think YMCA and Super Trooper on 7" would have been the first things I bought there.

The records gradually gave way to CDs and now the store is gone.

Name: JJ
Comment: As kids we used to go on holiday to Broadstairs, and would always pop into Canterbury for a day. There was a place there called Richards Records, and I used to find some great stuff in there. The only pain in the arse was not having a turntable at the holiday house, so I had to wait to get back home to play them.




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