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Appear quite 'highbrow'. Their pale blue, good quality sleeves announce that they deal in "Gramophone Music for the Connoisseur", and that they are "specialists in unique recordings". Further, they claim that "no record is ever touched with a metal needle" (obviously they used fibre needles for demonstrations) and state "Music - the only universal tongue" can be bought from them "in the heart of the West End", where they could be found at 42/3 Cranbourne Street, London WC2. Telephone Gerrard 1171. With the slight pomposity typical of the time, they declare that "To be served intelligently is to be served well". Comment: Pete​r Burton

Which claimed that "to be served intelligently is to be served well". Also, that "no record is ever touched with a steel needle"

I found this listing in 'The Tatler' dated 20th August 1966:

“Rimington Van Wyck Ltd, 42 Cranbourn Street, WC2 (GER 1171) is an excellent shop for classical records. They have a lot of imported recordings from America and Europe as well as their current English stock and take special orders for foreign records. Their range of operatic recordings is probably one of the best in the country. They do not deal in second-hand records. Open Mon-Sat 9 am to 8 pm. Half-day, Thursday.” Dave

In his 1951 book, Record Collecting, Boris Semeonoff recalls visiting this shop, A small but famous shop selling mainly new records. One entered by going downstairs on which displayed a notice “Our stock is entirely Classical”. In addition to records Rimington specialised in miniature scores. There was a mail-order business located at 28a Devonshire Street. W1. Audition rooms provide radiograms with Thorn needles. Comment Tony Langford (2024)




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