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Worked here when I finished sixth form in 1992, ended up moving from Penn Street branch to The Corridor in Bath in 1993.... And the moved on to Kays Music in Keynsham...good times.

(Nov 9, 2013) Anonymous said:Worked here in 1986... ish, became assistant manager Then Head Hunted by HMV's manager worked there for 4 years. Looking for old friends on F/B.Julia hayfield

(Nov 2, 2013) Karl. said:I was a yts trainee here 87/88. still have loads of white lable house, hip hop and other stuff from here. met loads of local djs and muso's spent all my dinner tomes in Tonys few doors up Happy times.

Name Dave Mallard Comment: Worked in Rival Park Street '77-'84 - Park Street was full of independent shops: records shops, clothes (clobber, head on etc etc) books (chapter&verse). record shops like Rival, Revolver and Tonys were big social centres - no internet no mobiles! - and its where people met , chatted about music, fashion , gigs , clubs. Late 70's had every music genre buzzing from punk to bristol sound to p-funk, avante garde jazz, electro, some of the best roots and dub years. Twin cassette decks and WBLS tapes in '81! Good Times. (June 20, 2017)

I worked in bath branch, really loved the place, now find out no pension pot!!!! Great times gone sour
Gaz Poole

Worked alongside dave and nick in the late seventies, fantastic never forgotten them.
We had a signing by the jam.
Yvonne Williams

Jonathan A

Rival Records carrier bag was the cool thing to have at school - 1985. Good ole days
Jonathan A

When I was a child i waited months to get a copy of Michael Jackson Beat It as it was sold out world wide and the article made the press is there anywhere I can find out about this?
Ben Heath

Sue Revell

A good shop where I bought my records in the 70s. When the bomb exploded in The Corridor, the shop took quite a hit and I remember them selling damaged records cheap.




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