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Name: Jane Crewes
Comment: I remember it well but can't remember [my] first record. Listened to a lot of free music in listening booths. The old Market Hall was fantastic.

Name: Caroline Allen
Comment: Wow! Can’t remember which was my first record but do remember the listening booths.

Name: Dave Dempsey
Comment: There was also a record shop downstairs in Harrogate market called Robell's Music Box run by a Billy Robell.

Name: G Reed.
Comment: You could buy cheap demo copies of the early punk bands and the proprietor used to stammer over saying "S-S-S-S Sex Pistols". It still had the listening booths right up to the 1970s, and a more private room for classical records.
(13 March 2016)


Dave Harwood
22 Mar 2024 at 04:44
I found this advert in the 'Ripon Gazette' dated 18th September 1958: “RECORD RENDEZVOUS – Harrogate's Largest Stockist of ACE OF CLUBS L.P.'s 22/6 12in. Record. Jazz, Classical and Popular on L.P. and E.P. from 11/6. SPECIALISTS IN 45 R.P.M. TOP TWENTY. Stereophonic Records are here - Ask for Demonstration. ROBELL MUSIC BOX, LOWER MARKET HALL, HARROGATE or Phone 6435.”
... and this piece on the same page: “Effectively laid out in a new stand in the Lower Market Hall is another display of records. The ROBELL MUSIC BOX stocks one of the largest selections of hit records and also has the new stereophonic sound. Also recently installed here are several new listening booths.”



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