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Image Dave Harwood

“Anyone go to Rock-it records in South Croydon? It was a great little record shop. If so, did you go to any signings by bands? I got a record signed by Pantera there. It was a very exciting day indeed.” Planet Croydon (the radio show).

These comments from various Bygone Croydon Facebook pages:

Ben Sleeman: Rock-it in south Croydon and Cloakes at the Grants end of St George's Walk.

Chris Crews: Rock-it. I remember those stylish blue vinyl bags that they used to use.

Jonathan Law: Beanos, Cloakes, Rock-It records.

Philip Angel: In the the early 90s there was a great shop called "Rock it" on the A23 just past Iceland.

Phil Sayer: Same as Phil Angel - Beanos, Cloakes, Rock-It... I pretty much spent my entire life in those three shops from 1988-2000.

Dave Harwood (2017)




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