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Well... I remember buying records off a fresh-faced and friendly Irishman with sticking out ears and bad teeth called Shane at the Rock On stall in Soho Square. He had a band called The Nips and he convinced me to buy their self-financed single: "Gabrielle". I didn't regret it. All the specialist record shops seemed to be run by Irishmen in those days (1977-79). I remember one refusing to serve me because I said I liked Steve Winwood's voice better than Van Morrison's. Comment: Adam Blake

The Soho Rock On stall was another regular haunt of mine! And the original Vinyl Solution shop. I bought my import copy of the first Modern Lovers LP from Beggars in Ealing - in fact I traded some of my older brother's LPs in for it. He wasn't best pleased. Comment:John Stapleton

Name Mike Spenser Comment There were actually 2 Rock On stalls in Soho market. There was the first one in the centre of the market where I first met Ted and Roger in February 1975 and then it moved to the outskirts of the market just opposite the street that was the edge of Chinatown. The pub opposite was where I used to drink with Joe Strummer during his 101er's days and my ex-Count Bishop days. It was in the later stall that I used to sit with Shane McGowan and drop acid and take the piss out of all the passersby!

Andy Cameraguy‏ @acameraguy1

Memories. I used to hang out at the Rock On stall a lot back in the 70s when #ShaneMcGowan worked there. I owe my music taste to those guys. (May 27, 2017)

Jonh Ingham

Ted Carroll

‘Chaos? This is natural living!’ The genius of Shane MacGowan

Sean O’Hagan

When I got to know Shane and his fellow Pogues not long afterwards, his stomping ground was King’s Cross, where he lived, and the not-so-dark streets of Camden Town. When the bars closed, back then, after-hours drinks could be had in the local Greek restaurants and tapas bars, which Shane knew intimately. I had first crossed paths with him at some now hazy point in the mid 1970s, when he manned the Rock On record stall in Soho Market, which was round the back of Leicester Square tube station. He was not the greatest salesman. I remember turning up more than once to find the stall unattended, Shane having gone off to grab a sandwich or a drink, but the often obscure soul, blues and garage-rock records he cajoled me to buy were always gems.



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