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The Ron's Music Shop bag was the inner sleeve to a copy of the 1961 Philips EP 'Blues By Clara Smith 1926-28' Michael Viner.
(July 20, 2014) BarnsleyBob said:Bought On The Beach here; and Elvis LPs for Mum! Happy days. Visited most evenings on way home from school, 60s, 70s.
I worked for a short spell at Rons Music just off Bond St. He had another branch in Ilford High St. Comment: Simon Drew. ( August 7, 2016)
Just bought a Meade Lux Lewis EP with a Ron’s sticker on it. If only things could talk
Jon Talbot
My dad was Ron. It was wonderful to see these images. Thank you
irayne paikin

Hi there. I remember your dad well. I used to go in the shop in Barkingside, mainly records I think, I used to know his daughter well, sadly her name eludes me, I found my first guitar in my dads loft when he died, he kept it all these years, its an old egmond acoustic, so nice to see it, started me off on a long carrer of playing I also designed amogst many other products from 1965 The Watkins Copicat till around 5 years ago when Charlie Watkins passed away.
all the very best to you your dad was so good to me, cheers Terry

Terry Macdonald




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