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Hello', I don't know if you are aware there was a Rotate record shop in Dewsbury, it opened in the summer of 1996.I use to go in every week to buy my cd singles from there. The staff were helpful, it was a fantastic shop always busy. Do you have any information about the shop in Dewsbury, who owned the shop and all the names of the staff that worked there? The shop closed in 2000, I don't know the month it closed. Is there any pictures of the shop? Iv looked on the internet,there aren't any available. Thank you. Jason Ashworth
Jason Ashworth

Never went to the shop in Dewsbury, but i worked in Brighouse during the 90's and would always call in here on my lunch and chat with the 2 girls who worked here (and occasionaly if the chap that owned it was about), fond memories chatting about Suede and Echobelly gigs, pre-ordering cd's. Happy days, seems like an eternity ago now
Darren Hoyle


Dave Gray
06 Jun 2023 at 08:07
I absolutely loved Rotate Records in Dewsbury, I was in there almost every weekend in my teens from the weekend it opened right through to the time it closed down! I bought so many CD an 12" singles there that I couldn't find anywhere else. Such an awesome shop and so many happy memories of going there.
Dave Harwood
15 Jun 2024 at 08:41
I found this advert in the 'Brighouse Echo' dated 7th December 1990: “HAVE A COMPLETE TURN AROUND THIS CHRISTMAS. ROTATE RECORDS are giving you the sophisticated sounds of Golden Oldies through to the super sounds of the ‘90s. Ideal Christmas presents include: CD Singles from only 99p, Chart 7” Singles at only £1.69, Chart 12” Singles at only £2.99. Plus many accessories including videos, blank tapes and lots more. Only 15 shopping days to go! Don’t miss these fantastic offers! Outstanding value. Come along this weekend.”



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