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73हफ्ताPurchased from Rough Trade in Covent Garden in the basement of Slam City Skates in Neals Yard in 1989. #nonewyork #nowave #dna

अनुवाद हेर्नुहोस्



saw the Beastie Boys there in the early 90’s ,my favourite record shop

१ लाइक

जवाफ दिनुहोस्

अनुवाद हेर्नुहोस्



So,on the back of David Bowie playing tracks from this on Nicky horned show on capital in 78,that’s how I first heard mars “Helen fordsdale”,to this day the most otherworldly “racket”(I use that in a positive way) upsetting ,thrilling ,hilarious —I was hooked and sold —this is my punk rock I thought not your speed up pub bloke nonsense !!,so I’ve still got my o g corner cut off import from them it’s lasted all this time super glad it’s regularly in print again ,got my cd version from slam if that counts !?,every group on there still looks an sounds like the future prelim in through smudged windows ,cracking !!



I remember being in that rough trade, maybe around 2005 and they put on Harvester by Tower recordings- whom I'd never heard of- and the track was so alluringly mysterious and hypnotic. Took a few years before I finally found the album it featured on.