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I bought all of my LPs and 45s from here in the early 1970s. The inner sleeve of the album would be stamped

WIGAN 43001

Hurst also had a prominent notice (yellow, I seem to recall) on which the monthly number of prosecutions for theft would be displayed.
Comment: Dave White.

In a local good-will store here in Auckland New Zealand, I recently picked up a MINT/MINT vinyl LP copy of 1968 LIVING STEREO VOLUME 2 (Contour 6870 611).

There on the inner slip is a partly smudged black stamp, marked:

WIGAN 43001

I've no idea how this gem found its way to Auckland - particularly having remained absolutely unplayed for 50 years. Sadly, I guess an English migrant passed away here, before maging to unlock this album's treasures. (RIP)

This baby has never been played and features some fantastic late 60s BIG BAND JAZZ interpretations of the popular tunes of the day.

I'd imagine that this is what DON DRAPER and the boys on MADMEN would have been playing as they sipped their martinis.

A keeper, for sure!

August 2018


Dave Harwood
22 Mar 2024 at 01:59
There is an image of £5.00 worth of EMI record tokens issued by ROY HURST with lots of comments at this link:
... and a photo of Roy Hurst, who for many years had a record stall in Wigan Market hall, pictured there in 1976, with comments, at this link:
... plus another photo of Roy Hurst's record stall in Wigan Market hall at this link:



Market Hall Wigan / Lancashire
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