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There was Rumbelows on the corner of Mesnes Street and Standishgate, but the store was known as Bullough's in the early 1970s. You walked past the electrical appliances to the back of the shop, went downstairs, and there were the records. I bought a copy of The Madcap Laughs here in 1976 for £1.50, by which time I think it sold nothing but rock and pop albums. A pretty girl by the name of Elaine used to work behind the counter which was at the back, facing you as you came downstairs. Comment: Dave White.

(Mar 29, 2013) neil said:bought white riot by the clash here, you could sit on the floor, and hang out, safety pins , studded dog collars, happy days.


Dave Harwood
27 Nov 2023 at 05:35
I found this advert dated 21st October 1969:
“Choose from thousands of records at Rumbelows Record Bars. Singles from 3/6. LP's from 17/6.”


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