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Name: Joanne Dobbie
Comment: There was a great reggae record shop on Lark Lane in South Liverpool called Samba Records (I am pretty sure it was called this) - this would have been around 1984-1986 - I think the guy who ran it was called Ricky. It was a great store and stocked everything under the sun from reggae to Frankie Goes To Hollywood. (I know this as I bought Two Tribes in there as a 13-year-old girl without them laughing at me!) Sadly, i don't have any bags or any memorabilia from there either.

Name: Russ Reid
Comment: I remember Samba Records. I used to buy reggae records from them. I still have a Samba bag! I'm pretty sure they had another shop in Smithdown Road. The guy that ran in was a Rasta and very friendly.

Name: Carol Carruthers
Comment: I worked there for a while, great job, they had Samba Records cigarette papers that were so cool.

Name: Synchrobrasilia Dreamtime
Comment: Sergio Mendes albums from Samba Records, the pirate ship on the lake and the taxi cab shop.




26 Lark Lane L17 8US Liverpool / Merseyside
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