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“Worked for Stan Barron in record bar, lovely man, best boss you could wish for” – “Shop was great, I used it a lot. He once let me buy an album and pay for it over two weeks, no agreement just trust” – “bought my first record player from there and he gave me two free records to get started”“Downstairs he had his ‘Television Theatre’. Loads of big TVs all switched on. He got the idea from the Radio Show in London. He was a bit of a character with big moustache, kids all called him Snudge ( from TV program Bootsie & Snudge). Not only did he sell records but, Tvs fridges etc. He used to have 6d in the slot TV. I was the first kid in the class who could count to 40 as I had to bag up all the 6ds before I could go out to play. I think he sold out to Radio Rentals. I worked for him at Christmas. Sold boxes of Sound of Music LPs”.“Top Twenty Always In Stock”.



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