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By fluke I typed Seddon Record Shop into Google and your website came up with images of the bag into which they used to put the records they sold. Seddon's record shop was started by my Grandfather (Jack Seddon). He retired and my father (Raymond Seddon) took over about 1955. David Seddon (2024)


John Seddon
23 Jan 2024 at 07:09
This is my grandfather's shop. To see this image is just amazing. Do you know if any physical copies of this still exist? I would love to see if we could get one for my Dad.
Peter Rickards
08 Mar 2024 at 02:35
Wow, this took me back. During the 60's until we moved away in 1970 I used to buy all my records at Seddon's and remember Ray. Might be gone but never forgotten.



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