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Name: Robert Fry
Comment: Fell in love with the girl working at a record shop. Bet that's not a first!
(14 January 2015)

Name: Glenn Johnson.
Comment: We had one branch at near Horseshoe Common in Bournemouth (where in the early 1970s I believe my brother may have briefly 'helped out', as many of of liked to do back then!) and where I recall you could get badges made up. Another branch down Poole High Street near the quay end which covered a double shop space with confectionery and toys as well as records. I remember buying Secret Affair's Let Your Heart Dance here as well as The Who Sell Out LP. The record side sort of got phased out in the 1980s.
(2 April 2015)

Name: John Glockler
Comment: I remember Setchfields in Poole High Street - run by Terry. I believe it started with Terry stocking a box of records in his dad's (toy?) shop. I remember buying loads of stuff there - Pet Sounds on day of release and Blonde on Blonde ditto, etc etc. I also remember a sign in the window, one day, saying that they'd sold out of Shotgun Wedding.
(17 February 2015)

Name: Joe Egg
Comment: There was definitely a branch of Setchfields on Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth, a few yards up from another record shop I don't see on this site: Dereks.

The Old Christchurch Road branch was run by a very miserable man, and a second much friendlier man. Bought the first ever Simple Minds single here, and still remember my pride as the friendly man asked what label it was on and I knew and he said, "You help us, we help you!"

I also remember buying Babooshka by Kate Bush, and the friendly man staring at the sleeve, and saying, "What a strange lady."


Tom Browning
15 Jul 2023 at 09:28
Not sure, but was there a Setchfields on Commercial Road, Bournemouth around The Triangle? Opposite C&A. I remember visiting it a lot in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Even met Motörhead there for a pre-gig signing session (still have my signed Ace of Spades album).
Think it was independent but might have had a different name.
Glenn Johnson
24 Mar 2024 at 09:54
Hi Tom, belated reply, opposite C&A at #99 was Up Town Records. Small shop (with a basement) packed with goodies!



21-25 High Street BH15 1AB Poole / Dorset
Old Christchurch Road BH1 Bournemouth / Dorset
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