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(Jan 14,20150 Fell in love with the girl working at a record shop. Bet that's not a first! Comment: Robert Fry.

(April 2, 2015) We had one branch at near Horseshoe Common in Bournemouth (where in the early 70s I believe my brother may have briefly'helped out',as many of of liked to do back then!) and where I recall you could get badges made up in the late 70s. Another branch down Poole High Street near the Quay end which covered a double shop space with confectionery and toys as well as records. I remember buying Secret Affair's Let Your Heart Dance here as well as Who Sell Out LP. The record side sort of got phased out in the 80s. Comment: Glenn Johnson.

( Feb 17, 2015) I remember Setchfields in Poole High street - run by Terry. I believe it started with Terry stocking a box of records in his dad's (toy?) shop. I remember buying loads of stuff there - Pet Sounds on day of release & Blonde on Blonde ditto etc etc. I also remember a sign in the window, one day, saying that they'd sold out of Shotgun Wedding. Comment:John Glockler.

There was definitely a branch of Setchfields on Old Christchurch Rd in Bournemouth, a few yards up from another record shop I don't see on this site: Dereks. The Old Christchurch Rd branch was run by a very miserable man, and a second much friendlier man. Bought the first ever Simple Minds single here, and still remember my pride as the friendly man asked what label it was on and I knew and he said 'you help us, we help you!'. I also remember buying 'Baboooshka' by Kate Bush, and the friendly man staring at the sleeve, and saying 'what a strange lady'.



Tom Browning
15 Jul 2023 at 09:28
Not sure, but was there a Setchfields on Commercial Rd Bournemouth around The Triangle? Opposite C&A. I remember visiting it a lot in the late 70s and early 80s. Even met Motörhead there for a pre-gig signing session (still have my signed Ace of Spades album).
Think it was independent but might have had a different name.



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