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Comment: Record shop nostalgia... ‪Found this old plastic bag in a box of old Kerrang! magazines. Brought back some great memories...

When we were kids, growing up in Chichester, on the south coast of England, in the early 1980s, nearly every day on the way home from school, ‘Shattered Records’ was the place to go. An essential stop-off on our way home, that was part of our day. It’s where the spark of dreams was ignited. The hours we spent looking through those rows of, second-hand records, with the ultimate prize being an album that none of our friends had found! The discoveries we made in that shop influenced our lives forever...

Set in what it has to be said was a fairly austere environment, Shattered Records had grey walls, bare bulbs, and a strange kind of gloom. And yet that little old record shop shone so much light into our lives.

Sadly, Shattered Records, along with many other record shops closed many years ago now, and to be honest I’d forgotten about it. Great memories though.




Southgate PO19 Chichester / West Sussex
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