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Shuttleworth (Music) Ltd was founded circa 1890 by my Great-grandfather, Joseph Grange. The business initially occupied a stall in the then Kirkgate Market, off Darley Street. A near neighbour in the market was Morrisons the grocer, which has since become the supermarket of that name, and was founded by Mrs Morrison. Shuttleworth expanded, first occupying several stalls in the market, then moving round the corner to 33 Darley Street. I was told by my grandmother that at one time Shuttleworth Music had another music shop in Bradford but I never found out where or when. The business was eventually wound up in 1974, when the Kirkgate market site was redeveloped. I have been searching without much success for more information on the history of this business. If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated. Name Mike Phillips




Shuttleworth Bradford Park Avenue v Chesterfield, September 6th 1969

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