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Simon's Sale Stores in Barking Road East Ham and Ripple Road Barking. Was friendly with the girl in East Ham and she introduced me to the Johnnie Mathis track 'Life is a song worth singing'- very Norman Whitfieldish-great track. Comment:Oakley Boys 45 cat forum.

(July 20, 2014) BarnsleyBob said:Bought my first Len Russell album here, and many more, took day off school to get there!. Excellent shop for many years!

Name Jimmy The Moonlight Comment: Simons in Barking was always good for a bargain in the 80s. Had some great finds there after some pie and mash on Saturday afternoon expeditions with Craney and Taylor. Their yellow stickers were a bugger to get off the sleeves, though. Stuck on with cement, I think. Great place to pick up weird European pressings of Beatles LPs. Happy days.

At university in London in the late 70s it was Simons records on Oxford Street. Stupidly cheap, and a huge selection. zarniwoop



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