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Secondhand shops owned by the Sirrell brothers, both in the Oxford Road and both run independently, they traded in all sorts of used items. The shop nearest to the town centre (called Sirrells), close to Chatham Street Car Park had a large stock of vinyl and lots of picture discs on the wall that, for some reason, the owner won't sell!!

In the 70s in Reading there was Cyril's Second Hand shop with a load of records. The rodent-like Cyril was always good for a few gems. I bought a copy of White Light White, the rarity with the black cover in which you can discern a knife entering a brain - still have it. Comment: Al Tutt.

A great place for records Comment: Eddie O'Hara

That was my uncle.I am now selling vinyl at my shop Music Man 207 Oxford Rd Reading RG1 7PX Peter Sirrell




Sirrells Secondhand Shop
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