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RETAIL FOOTNOTE (one) John Beecher used to be general manager at Ambassador Music until one day, he decided that being his own boss was pre- ferable. So he invested in a cafe. In New Maiden, Surrey, right by the railway tracks. About a year and a whole lot of work later, Smokey Joe's Cafe isjust one part of his little empire which includes Asterick Music (sec Darts LPs), John Beecher Records & Books, Rol- lercoaster Records and The Jook Joint, for the selling, buying and servicing of juke boxes and pin tables. Smokey Joe's is probably the only cafe in the world where you can safely order a hamburger and Buddy Holly LP—rockabilly and chips, like their advertising says. Rol- lercoaster Records boasts an EP and 45 release to date, with a rockabilly album in the can, release imminent, and have just become the exclusive importers on a Bill Haley LP of pre-Essex 1949 record- ings (see reviews), on the Grass Roots label, ofAustralian origin. Every day's a busy day at Smokey Joe's and John doesn't regret for one minute giving up his regular, plush job, even though he works harder and longer. Proof enough that specialising can work? Record Bussiness 1978.




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