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Large stock of used vinyl and CDs. Sadly, too much stock for his very small shop. As a result, lots of it is piled on top of each other and looking through it is such a nightmare that I have given up going there. A shame that it can't be organised so as to make searching enjoyable. Comment: Graham Twigg

I first visited in early 1982, after discovering it when out with friends on a Sunday (before Sunday trading). I think it was opened the year before and two guys, Terry and Will ran it, with a disco for hire ('Cat Black') on the side. Mostly second hand, a fair few rare collectables too, the first shop of its kind that I'd seen. They also had a section of new LPs, which included what was really the start of a collector's dream, those early Edsel and Charly albums, where I bought the Ultimate Action album. I worked in Boscombe in '83, so popped almost every lunchtime for ages, usually buying something. The shop has always had a lot of stock, too much really for the size of shop. But it's managed to survive all this time. My son and I went in before the Covid pandemic and Will was still there, along with a vast amount of stock! In a time when shops seem to be closing every few weeks,they must be doing something right to survive all this time.
Glenn Johnson




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