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Mark (Dougie) Bishop from Hereford and myself both studied Physics @ Birmingham University from 76 to 79. He was into Northern in a big way and had a lot of contacts in the city. As well as Graham Warr and Soul Galore in Oasis, The Diskery and Reddingtons, there were two record shops in Selly Oak. ‘Funky Duncs Record Shop’ was run by a couple of in your face gays. Dunc had every British Motown release from TMG500 and used to DJ ocasionally at our Brum Uni Soul Club do’s. The other shop was Raven Records. I think his name was Paul Raven and he had a huge quantity of imports and pressings. They cost next to nothing – great for us poor. Comment: Bernie Priekulis.

Posted October 9, 2009 (edited)

On 09/10/2009 at 16:10, sheldonsoul said:

talking to an old mate the other day, when he mentioned a shop in the oasis shop in birmingham ran by graham warr, we used to get all the lastest pressings from him at the time:ph34r: dont really know who he was and what happened to him?, but also remember there was another stall in the oasis shop where a guy had loads and loads of american soul imports any info on these anyone

An old friend who resides in Brighton, Jimmy Lynn used to work in that store, Back in the late 7ts I think, I certainly used to find sleeves with Graham's name on round the various record shops such as the Diskery etc




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