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Used to go to Soul Sense with my Dad for years. I must of spent the majority of my childhood in that shop! Does anybody know the name of the manager that used to run this shop? Comment Alex Baker.

Gary, I used to sell him records from a distribution company. Great bloke. really knew his stuff. Comment: Gavin Wright.

Name Duncan Hornby Comment: I came to this website from searching for Soul Sense as I was wondered what happened to the owner, yeah Gary was his name!
I started record buying when I was about 15, it used to be called Bluebird Records. It was a great loss to Luton when that record shop closed. (March 11, 2017)

I went to uni at Luton in '92, I spent a good portion of my time and student loan in that shop. Yeah, his name was Gary, and he had a guy that worked with him around that time too. I use to think it was his brother because they looked a bit alike, but when I asked Gary if it was he just laughed at me and said don't be silly or words to that effect. Great shop, great guys :-)

Dave s

Loved it in there weekend visits for a long time.

Anthony Cefai

Yes.. Gary brought the shop from bluebird records when they was brought by dmc.
The other shops stayed as bluebird ...soul sense was a shop I'd go to and knew Gary a little.

He did distribution on a record for us in 1989. Dik fozbee subtrax

Met various people.

I'm looking for mark and Paul that were in the shop a lot and made music as dimension and later made a release with me.
Psychology ep.

If anyone knows where these guys ended up or a way to contact them be great.


Dik Fozbee

Been a while since I've visited this thread. I should have mentioned on my original comment that I remember the manager being called Gary, but not his surname! It'd be great to get back in touch with him if anyone had his details - always wondered whether he opened another shop somewhere else...

Alex Baker
@Duncan great to know that you shopped there too. I bought my first records from here at 10. Such a shame that it's now gone.

Does anyone know Gary's last name?

Alex Baker

Originally as Bluebird Records, was owned by Colin Watts and Andy Taylor 80's- 90's. Think they sold up to Gary Dennis and he named it SoulSense records. Abley assisted by Dave and Jonny G I recall.

Martin Ging

Luton also boasted a dance music focused record shop: Soul Sense, which also played host to the offices of Jack Trax. Tim Raidl, who had been working as a graphic designer, remixer and DJ for Jack Trax, worked behind the counter. When he began to notice a rise in killer British-made dance releases coming into the shop, most of which boasted bleeps, bass and either jacking machine drums or sampled breakbeats, he suggested to his boss that they should start a new label to champion UK sounds. D’Cruz agreed and Chill Music was born.


Alex Baker
03 Aug 2023 at 12:49
Visiting this thread again after a few years, as Soul Sense popped into my head after reading that Jim & Phil (Source Direct) used to shop there back in the Nineties.

Elaborating a bit on my experience, I grew up in Stevenage and we moved to a village near Hitchin, so Soul Sense in Luton was really close by for my Dad to make his weekly trips to spend silly amounts of money on new music.

Having gone with him as a kid for years, I finally bought my first 12" single there when I was 10 and never stopped collecting since. At the time, I somehow took a liking to all the Soulful House out on the Naked Music label which Gary introduced me to. Whenever I had a bit of spare pocket money I'd buy something. One of Gary's colleagues (can't remember his name, but think he had a ponytail IIRC) got me into UK Garage when all the stuff on LockedOn was coming out. Soul Sense was fantastic for lots of underground electronic music at the time, and my Dad ended up getting quite seriously into Drum & Bass - specifically a lot of the stuff on Good Looking Records which he bought there, in addition to all of the Jazz, Funk & Soul stuff he mainly liked.

Great times, lots of childhood memories and would love to know what some of those guys are up to these days - especially with a huge vinyl revival underway these past few years. Soul Sense doesn't get anywhere near as much of a mention in terms of it's influence on many different scenes in the Nineties. Many other famous shops get referenced often, but Soul Sense was just as influential in many ways, not least for me!
Gary Charman
11 Nov 2023 at 01:48
Loved soulsense. Spent many an afternoon in there when I should have been working. Gary was the owner and Dave worked there. Dave produced his own track still have it!!
Jon Pomroy
18 Nov 2023 at 09:57
Use to visit Soulsence all the time in the late 80s/early 90s. Remember the two fellas who ran it. Great shop and great times. Remember buying the plastic wrapped US 12inches which cost a small fortune.
11 Jan 2024 at 08:17
I shopped here in the late eighties, I can't remember the dude's name but he was a head who knew his stuff. He could be a little terse but I think it was more of a punter filter, once you shopped there for a while he was solid.
04 Feb 2024 at 09:12
Pretty sure I see Gary in the Red Lion Hotel of an afternoon in Luton on occasion.



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