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Posted January 9, 2017

It wasnt Carl Fortnum it was Ken Cox ... owned soul stop records sold records out of 10 st Mary's Hill Stamford (aswell as fleet alnighters) think it was called Stamford Music Shop remember taking a Gene Woodbury on delVal Masqueraders I got the Power La beat a Frankie on Sassy back 83 all a fiver each or less n he had most grapevine labels both Demos n issues at a regular price of 60p each

KEN COX ( Dawn promotions ) used to operate out of his own home think it was 189 Casterton rd how I know ? Use to live opposite and pop over at school lunch time 79/80 his records were at the rear of the house . I got to know Ken quite well over the next few years , he was a great guy always interested what records you were buying etc. Remember him having small quantities of things ........ Gil Branding , Billy Hambrick , Gene Woodbury all for £8 each and Larry Houston and King Tutt for a mighty £ 10 each far too much for me at the time . He also had most of the GRAPEVINE label run . Think most of the above came from " SOUL BOWL " never the less HAPPY DAYS !

Then he moved all the records to his new premises at St. Mary's St ....... two doors down from Stamford Music shop ( which is still in business today ) think Ken now lives in Thailand best of luck to him


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