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So he opened Sound Effect on King’s Square, York’s first outlet dedicated solely to records and cassettes.
“It was a hell of a gamble,” Nick says. “The shop was a derelict shell, but I was determined to make it work.”
He needn’t have worried; almost overnight Sound Effect was top of the pops. So successful the BBC added it to their list of contributors for the week’s top 20.

Karen Hugill

I remember seeing Barry Biggs there, as a young teen. Thank goodness punk and new wave happened after🤣However, I seem to recall Sound Effects had a shop in Acomb in the early 70s

Léon Banks

Yes that’s my Dad, stood with Barry Biggs!

Brian Walker

Léon - He's on the photo with Judge Dread

Léon Banks

Brian Walker John Cairns

Found some dates out from my Dad for you.

Sound Effect, 6 Acomb Court in York was open in 1974.

Then the Kings Square shop had signings by:

Desmond Decker - 21/08/75

Judge Dread -


Barry Biggs -





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