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Don Jones

I made a pilgrimage back to the Swan Centre to reminisce - it's now a pet store - Sounds Around sadly missed

(Feb 28, 2013) John Hughes said:Great store. In fact, absolutely great. I have lived in Kidderminster since 1975 and really do miss this storew. I bought loads of vinyl by artistes you wouldn't normally find in British stores - Todd RUndgren especially - and I can remember them going to CD gradually and again, finding loads of things there that I never found in even Virgin or HMV in Birmingham. And the owner was always happy to chat about music.

Name Nik Keeley Comment: I loved sounds around, every Saturday you could find me flicking through the new releases,New Romantics, funk and soul!, Moved to Kidderminster and found this golden nugget in 1982 and lived there till it much sadly closed its doors!! I now live in Birmingham and have such fond memories of this place, it was part of my childhood. Vinyl's coming back and we need shops like Sounds Around again to inspire a new generation. (April 29, 2017)

I have great memories of Sounds Around and agree that it was one of the few places that made growing up in Kiddy tolerable.
I have a mate who still lives in the town and has (the last time I saw his vinyl collection) his copy of Big Country’s album still in its Sounds Around carrier bag!!!!
I know it sounds sad but I SOOOOOOOOO want one of those carrier bags just to frame and reminisce about all the pocket money I spent in there and the hours flicking through the record racks! (I’m 50!!!!!)
Great times!!!!
Mike Harris




10 Swan Centre Kidderminster

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