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This shop was frequented by those who used Morgan Sound Studios the group Yes for example.

(Sept 12, 2014) peter moule said:A really great record shop,was in their most weeks. Really nice couple ran it the names slip my mind, Phil i think the guys name was.So nearly bought a jukebox of him as he used to do then up. great days vinyl rules

Coincidentally, these very premises used to serve as a branch of the Muzik City chain of shops back in the `60s! Comment: Mark Griffiths

(Feb 4, 2015) I used to buy lots of vinyl in Spin It in the 90s. Run by an Irish lady called Maureen. Great shop. Maureen's dog used to sleep in the store window display! Comment: Joel Gilbert

Chrisitine Tobura 'I used to really like Phil, I heard him play in the studio with Yes once. He was very popular with us females but only interested in music.' ( May 24, 2016)

I remember this shop, used to be packed on a Friday Saturday. The lady had a beautiful collie dog that was either behind the counter or asleep in the window! I was in there when Kevin Rowlands was having tea with the shop owner (Maureen?) I loved the place.
Danielle Carter


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Spin It Records 13 Willesden High Street, NW10

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