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More information is available in this Northampton Chronicle article.


Dave Harwood
05 Mar 2024 at 10:16
I found this advert (with the same logo as the 83-87 Lower Precinct, Coventry branch) on p8 of the 'Northampton Chronicle & Echo' dated 7th October 1987: “FULL SELECTION OF NEW SINGLES AND GOLDEN OLDIES £1.90 - SPINADISC RECORDS - 75a ABINGTON STREET, NORTHAMPTON. TEL: 31144. OPEN MON - SAT 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. ... and this feature on the same page: “FOCUS ON SPINADISC - Spinadisc Records, the popular Northampton music shop, opened large new premises at 75a Abington Street, yesterday, much to the relief and delight of Dick Raybould. The sole owner of the company, Mr. Raybould developed the business to such an extent that, despite the disadvantage of being outside the main shopping stream, his shop in Abington Square became too small. “Our new shop has four times more retail space and now our main aim is to have the biggest and widest selection of music,” he said. “If a record is available we will get it.” ... There is an article about SPINADISC (with a photo of the Abington Street shop) in 'The Northampton Chronicle' at this link:
... which says: “Originally opening in 1973 and run by the Raybould family, at its peak Spinadisc had branches in Northampton, Rugby and Coventry. Its Abington Street branch closed in 2005.”

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