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Comment: One glimmer of hope in Aldershot, it’s Spinna Disc Records. They moved from Grosvenor Road to the top of Union Street some years back. I walked past the location and they were gone. However, a stroll further down Union Street and there was the shop sign… Spinna Disc Records.

I couldn’t help myself, I was compelled to enter the shop. Second-hand record shops are just addictive and they are so rare these days, especially outside big cities and with the advent of eBay shops and the like where I admit I’ve misspent a lot of my life buying used CDs.

Name: Adam C
Comment: Great in the beginning, love at the end.
(25 October 2014)

Name: DJ Hombre
Comment: Grosvenor Road location was large. Good selection of treasures round the back. Top of Union Street and the basement was the place to be - albeit very damp, cramped and cold in the winter. Further down Union Street and this is where things started going downhill - quite literally. The shopfront looked like an old charity shop and the prices had been hiked up with only a small fraction of stock left. The shop is no longer there.
(31 July 2015)

Name: Suncica Nika Berica
Comment: About 20 years ago they had a mailing list and somehow I found out about it online and signed up. Back then I was in my late teens, had no payment method but cash and lived in an eastern European country. They were kind enough to let me shop by sending them cash by post and I always received what I ordered, perfectly packaged and as described. Sad to see they're gone. Greetings from Croatia!


Dave Harwood
30 Nov 2023 at 05:58
I found this advert in the 'Surrey-Hants Star' dated 7th November 1996: “Spinna Disc Records OVER STOCK SALE. RECORDS, TAPES, CD’s, POSTERS, T-SHIRTS, BOUGHT AND SOLD. 116 Grosvenor Road, Aldershot. Tel: (01252) 27261.”
… and this piece in the 25th November 1999 edition: “SPINNA Disc Records is relocating to Aldershot town centre. If music be the food of love then expect to see Cupid regularly visiting the new premises at 10 Upper Union Street. The official opening is Saturday December 4 with plenty of great Christmas gift ideas and discounts.”



10 Upper Union Street GU11 1EX Aldershot / Hampshire & Isle of Wight
116 Grosvenor Road GU11 3EJ Aldershot / Hampshire & Isle of Wight
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