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Spinning Disc Chiswick

I was friendly with Terry from Spinning Disc - he was the real thing! Great place you could hardly squeeze into and then you had to fight your way past the teddy boys looking for R'n' R . Comment: Andrew Titcombe

Terry was a lovely bloke and used to buy a lot of stuff from me - always very fair with his prices. RIP mate - you're well remembered. Comment: Mark Griffiths

(Oct 26, 2013) Colin said:Agree ,all the way. He had so much crammed in the window ,and I wondered why he constantly closed. A closer look in the window and I read the note that he had left us , sorry to say two months previously. Should have taken more notice

(May 27, 2013) CC Rider said:A fantastic shop. Being in that shop was like being in a 50s/60s time warp. Terry was always happy and enthusiastic about the music he sold. Happy days!

( October 14, 2015) Indeed Terry had a great selection of 45s that I could not get at the London Rockin clubs. Doowop and RnB and the like Remember buying Elvis of him to. So when passing through Chiswick on work I always hoped he would be open.
It was a squeeze at times for sure but nice memories. Was sad to hear when Terry passed on. Comment: Guy Rawlings.

( November 26, 2015) Still miss going into the spinning disc ,still love rockabilly music and all the fifties artists ,can now get it all on u-tube ,how would terry have handled the new technolodgy ? The shop is now a dry cleaners ,so is "at the hop " on Fulham road .it always felt great walking out of the spinning disc with a bag full of records I'd never heard before . Sure miss terry and "THE SPINNING DISC". Comment:Colin Dunning.

( Jan 16, 2016) Loved Terry I worked in spinning disc with him for about 5 years in the late 80's on Saturdays to early 90'S Many good memories great people used to come in the shop and it was all due to Tell the legend. Comment: Darry Johnson

Name Chris brown Comment: I will always remember terry with great fondness spending many happy days in the shop. And Terry and myself became good friends. As has been said in previous comments the shop was a alladins cave stacked with vinyl. where I was living at the time in Isleworth terry infact used to live just round the corner from me. And on numerous occasions I used to pop round to see him. And I remember he had this lovely jukebox in his front room full of rock n roll and rockabilly records on it. Terry was always happy and enthusiastic about his music .R.I.P. Tel. P.s. I bet your still rockin in heaven.
cb x
I knew terry when I was a young lad of about fifteen back in 1983 when my mum and our old lodger used to go up to his shop in Chiswick to buy Rock n Roll album's. I used to be memorized by all the items he had jamed packed in his shop windows. Even when I was in my 20's I bought top of the pop records amoung other singles. It's a real shame he passed away. I only came across this website when chatting to my girlfriend today about the places my mum used to visit back in the day when she was alive. It was then I mentioned to her about spinning disk and she was intrigued to see what the record shop was like. So we searched on Google and here w e are. In all these years I never forgot terry name as my mum was a regular weekly customer at terrys shop. I'm from isleworth myself born and bread and lived on ivy bridge estate back then. We used to visit another shop in Hounslow called levits. They used to sell Rock n Roll clothing and studded belts and bootlace ties. Real shame these great days have gone and more so the wonderful people who ran these great shops. Terry will be dearly missed. I have no knowledge of when terry passed away or from what caused his death. But his memory will live on in all of us that had the pleasure of knowing him.
David Davis

I have a 1998 receipt for a Roy Orbison CD (TNT vol 7 The Other Side). That's a hard disc to locate now. Very good service and a perfect disc. I play it with the other 6 Roy discs!

Haddam Neck, CT USA (2019)

Have very fond and now nostalgic memories of spending several hours each visit chatting with Terry in Spinning Disc around 1980 onwards for a few years with my old school mate Steve Sayers. I wonder where YOU are these days. You just got sucked into it, and Terry was a true music Man, with fascinating stories and facts to tell.
When looking for rare records, Terry always came up with the goods. He would always come up with something exciting for you, even if it wasn't something you'd asked for.
These shops are dying out I fear,and although I have embraced today's technology, none of it creates the excitement i felt leaving Terry's shop, excited to get home to play my treasures, and often Terry would play you a little sample from the record in the shop.
Graham Tidy

I used to live 5 minutes walk from the shop,I did discover that shop before Terry took over from and old couple. It was only when Terry took over that I started visiting several times a week.
I must say that at the time I did not know a lot about record collecting etc..I also remember Bob Thomas who used to come to the shop, almost on a daily basis. Great times...
John James Hudson
Loved this shop
Lou Collins

I rented the hairdressers next to Terry in 1976. Terry was the most knowledgable man on Elvis. I still have an A1 gold foil half tone poster of Elvis that I bought from Terry after the death of Elvis. In all my searches through Elvis memorabelia I cannot find it. It is my abiding memory of one of the kindest, most generous men I have ever had the honour to meet and know. In his own way he was the king of the high road.
rob forrest

vincent walsh

In the 80s I learned of the shop thru record collector mag and often bought records there via mail as I am from germany. I even visited the shop several times and talked to Terry for hours. So sad to learn he has left the building. I will remember you, Terry
Sven Klötzke
The Chiswick Spinning Disc was run by a lovely bloke name of Terry, and I used to visit from about 1981 until the mid-nineties, but by that stage selling rather than buying. I think the place closed when Terry passed.
Mark Griffiths

Terry was such a lovely bloke. He was so knowledgeable and always found the time to talk with his customers. He was always fair and honest when buying and selling and it was an absolute pleasure to visit the shop. I just loved going there. My abiding memory as regards individual artists was when we were discussing Del Shannon who we both liked. Terry would look to the ceiling, go into something like a trance and say “Ah! Del!”
Ken Penrose

Terry ( Brenda Price)

Bag Steve Richards

This is my 1954 royal Enfield ,outside THE SPINNING DISC ,September 1980. Colin Dunning

1990 Card Colin Dunning




Spinning Disc 54 High Road, Chiswick, W4

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