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(July 27, 2014) steve nouch said:What about Spinning Disc Orpington High St

(Jan 13, 2014) Phil jessop said:I remember getting record lists that was advertised in the new musical express in the early 70's, they was selling there old stock before they shut down, all brand new 60's stuff mainly 1s to 10s each, they had the first 5 pink Floyd Columbia singles for 2s each (10p in new money.

(June 25, 2013) Martin Blunden said:Bought my picture sleeve copy of BUY 17 Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll/Razzle in My
Pocket/Ian Dury there, whilst working down the hill at Hodder & Stoughton, Dunton Green. Had Spinning Disk's rubber stamp on the back. Wasn't too keen on that at the time, but a good memory jogger now.
My name is Steve Bennett and on March 8th 1968 I opened my first record shop with my, then business partner Len Saturley (I was 17)we pushed the boat out and it floated before the end of 1969 we purchased another shop in Crowborough East Sussex and another followed soon in Edenbridge Kent... We split our partnership and went our seperate ways with Len opening in Orpington and closing Edenbridge I went on with the Crowborough shop and changed my trading name to Revolver Records a couple of years later I bought a lease on an empty shop at 88 Church Road Burgess Hill West Sussex which took off a year os so later I bought out the cam era centre at 92 Church Road Burgess Hill and amalgamated both businesses a side adventure saw me open a shop in Wadhurst called Harbour Records which with Tim Burkinshaw we hoped that Jack Jones and his then girlfriend Susan George would open the shop but alas this didn't happen and the shop only lasted just over two years... i sold the Burgess Hill shop to Graham ??? and he carried the business on as Rounder Records opening a further store in the lanes in Brighton... I ended up closing the Crowborough shop after an acrimonious divorce and lost the lot!!!! However I started the business agsin in Crowborough with Peter Harvey and Revolver Records sailed

again, the partnership wasn't going to work so I left during the summer of 1983 and that was the last time I sold a record...... I loved the business and all of my customers I say thank you and for all your support and if any of you want to contact me please do (
Thank you (2018)

Image Paul Woods

Image Paul Woods




Spinning Disc

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