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Name: Bristol Folk
Comment: Stan Strickland also supplied acetates transcribed from tape recordings and records. He must have been quite busy with this aspect because many of Stan's acetates still crop up in Bristol car boot sales. A certain Mr Adge Cutler had a tape of 'Drink Up Thee Zider', recorded live at The Royal Oak, Nailsea, transcribed to disc at Stan's in 1958 - that's eight years before in was a hit on Columbia!

Name: Mark Jones
Comment: Quite a lot of Graph acetates, cut on Stan's disc cutter direct from tape (or naughtily dubbed from friends' records) still pop up around Bristol, complete with custom labels - the correct name of the shop, according to labels, is Stans Record Centre (no apostrophe).

Name: Colin Phillips
Comment: Thursday was pay day from 1956 and that was my day to visit Stan's with a friend from work, John Saunders. The aim was to buy at least an EP. I still have many of those purchases and still have one of Stan's discs as well. My recollection is that Stan cut it for my 17th birthday. Those were the days; 32/6d for a 12" LP, but Blue Note LPs were 39/6d or possibly just over £2.


Dave Harwood
02 Dec 2023 at 03:04
I found this advert in the 'Bristol Evening Post' dated 4th December 1957: “Send RECORDED MESSAGE to your family for Christmas. Records can be safely posted being unbreakable. STAN’S RECORD CENTRE, 5 DENMARK ST., CITY. ALSO FOR YOUR XMAS PARTY - RECORDS! ALL 'POP' HITS AVAILABLE.”



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