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As part of our development plans, we are seeking to create an authentic 1950s music experience for our visitors. We will have instruments (pianos, guitars, banjos, accordions etc.), radios, record players, amplifiers, radiograms, records and sheet music on display. We will have a record player on the shop counter where visitors will be able to request songs that will be played in the shop and there will also be two listening booths. Based on historical research, we know that Stanton’s had listening booths in the 1960s but we have very limited information about what these looked like and how they were used by visitors e.g. did visitors listen to the music through a handset or a speaker in a sound-controlled booth, did visitors play the record themselves or were records put on by shop assistants, what materials were listening booths made from? We are seeking information about listening booths in music shops in the late 1950s and early 1960s to inform our development of the listening booths in the recreated Stanton’s Music Shop. If you have any information that you would be able to share or are able to put us in contact with anyone who may be able to assist, we would be really grateful. Many thanks.

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Stanton House Castle Street

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