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Name: Dave Wise
Comment: Loads of memories - I worked there in the late seventies and loved every minute of it. It was my first job from school and I was in my element as I loved music.

The big difference between this shop and all other record shops in Maidstone was we were the only chart return shop in Maidstone. A chart return shop then was a shop that was issued a diary once a week and we were supposed to log all our sales that week in the diary and that was how the charts were compiled. Goes with out saying that all record company reps knew we were chart return so therefore would give us backstage passes to gigs etc in return for entering their records in our diary.

I was a massive record collector then and still am now but the only part of history I do not have is something from Startrack Recordings, if you could possibly get me a bag that would be amazing.

Something we also used to do when we sold a single; we would put in the bag a typed copy of the current top twenty. Wish I’d kept them all now.


Dave Harwood
02 Dec 2023 at 04:11
I found this announcement in the 'Sunday Mirror' dated 29th May 1977: “STAR TRACK RECORDINGS - THE partners of the registered business known as Star Track Recordings, of High Street. Gillingham, and Mid-Kent Shopping Centre, Maidstone, Kent, have asked us to make clear that they have no connection whatever, either directly or indirectly, with Star Track Holiday Record Promotions, formerly of New Bond Street, referred to in a recent report.”



4 Mid Kent Shopping Centre, Allington Park ME16 0PU Maidstone / Kent
131 High Street ME7 1BS Gillingham / Kent
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