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Stardisc, South Street. A great place to spend a Saturday afternoon. I remember the weekend that The Stones' "Let it Bleed" was released when they must have sold hundreds of copies. And then next door to the Wimpy for a coffee and a No.6.
Nicholas Johnson

Betty Calderley

I worked there 1966

David Beadle
Remember the branch on Silver Street very well. At the time the most important shop in Hull! Still have many records from there and a Stardisc bag.

Nick Johnson
I remember being at South Street the Saturday after The Stones' "Let in Bleed" was released. They must have sold hundreds of copies that afternoon. Sydney Scarborough often seems to feature as Hull's favourite record store but I always thought Stardisc was the best.

John Hull Alderson
remember buying ziggy and roxy,s debut from there too

John Hull Alderson
in the early 70s i had a mad crush on a black haired girl who worked down silver street [opposit chicken shop] she even got me one of the first 500 pressings of dark side of the moon. fine memories!!
Lynda Hill

Ask Johnny Pat he worked there. There is a story in his book about itI worked there 1973/4

I remember stardisc down south St..a guy called Derek had it in 79 and my boyfriend at the time ,Shane, worked there..x we used to always pop across to salmonella shop for our lunch lol Amanda Ward

Star Discs from Hull also did deletions as well as juke-box, and by the 4/3d (22p) price tag were later, and I picked up a few with intact centres. I did a little party DJ-ing and picked up most of my Motown classics as ex-juke box. The thing is obscurer soul was also among those unplayed deletions. I couldn’t match them to the sleeves because long ago I married them with the right sleeves. For more this subject


Dave Harwood
15 Aug 2023 at 02:52
I found an advert for Stardisc in the 19th July 1972 edition of the Hull Daily Mail:
STARDISC FOR 8-TRACK CARTRIDGES and CASSETTES. Hundreds of new titles now in stock at the Tape Depts of both SILVER STREET and SOUTH STREET branches. Have you visited our new Discount Record Store at 118 SPRING BANK (near Forth Garage) STARDISC MUSIC CO.



Silver Street South Street Hull Image Steve Snowdon

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