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Name: Joe Masters
Comment: I lived at Glanville Road, Strood until 1981. I used to get £1.10 pocket money every Friday after school, and I would go straight to Strood Record Centre. I remember in about 1979/80 a 7" single was also £1.10. You paid for the record & received these white tokens worth 10p each, that could be saved up until you had enough of them to exchange for a record of your choice. In 1979, aged nine years, I saved up 10 tokens & put them towards Blondie's Parallel Lines LP, which I'm sure cost £2.79 at the time. I still have the record today. Many fond memories from that shop. Happy days.
(4 April 2014)

Name: VanMan
Comment: Bob Hope (seriously) and his mum ran this shop in the early 1970's. Bob had an Aston Martin.
(25 October 2013)


30 Jun 2023 at 03:47
I used to go there in 1973, there were a couple of nice young ladies serving. It was my favourite record shop in Medway, I was sad when it closed.
Dave Harwood
04 Dec 2023 at 11:33
I found this piece in the 'Daily Mirror' dated 23rd February 1978: “The blacklist was produced by record shop owner Bob Hope, who has been waging his own one-man war against hypers for years. Among records he says have been hyped in his store, Strood Record Centre, at Strood, Kent, is Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou, on the Asylum label.”


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