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Name: Mark Tyler.
Comment: This shop has the distinction of being the shop I bought my very first album from – Frampton Comes Alive in 1976.

Name: Pete Bowman
Comment: Used to buy sheet music from the Shirley shop (near the Shirley Temple restaurant!). Got the books for Rod Stewart's Never A Dull Moment and Lindisfarne's Dingly Dell there. Happy days!
(30 January 2015)

Name: Mick Blizzard
Comment: I started work as an apprentice dental technician in 1971. The dental lab was on the other side of Stratford Road to Studio Musica. I think I visited most days to have a flick through the albums. Often buying singles (T.Rex mostly) and who remembers the 7" cardboard sleeves to protect them?

Name: Charlie Ray
Comment: Still got some of them bags myself with my records in them.

Name: Andy Fincham
Comment: Happy days queueing to get the new T.Rex singles or flicking through the albums and planning the next paper round money spend.

Name: Sally Barlow
Comment: I remember that place, got my first single in there, Long Haired Lover From Liverpool by Jimmy Osmond.

Name: Pam JT
Comment: Yes it was... got my first single from there, David Cassidy's Daydreamer.

Name: David Horton
Comment: Used Northfield and Shirley branches, me and my mate kept them going getting the latest chart records ready for the weekend gigs!

Name: Graham Plevey
Comment: Wow, yes I remember, just across from Sainsbury's. I had not realised they were a chain though. Woolworths always seemed to get my business for the latest 7" from my pocket money!

Name: Julie Carol Rudd
Comment: I used to get all my records from the one in the Grosvenor Centre.

Name: Eddie Dunne
Comment: Brought my first vinyl from inside the Grosvenor Centre when all the lads from Northfield hung around outside but as it stands I knew them all.

Name: David Evans
Comment: I was a driver for Philips records and we always called it Stud Muz.

Name: Keith Maxwell
Comment: I used to get my records from them in Northfield for my DJing.

Name: Corina Tonga
Comment: Loved it, I worked part-time in the greengrocers, Mitchell's, in the Grosvenor Centre... so when I got paid I was straight in there.

Name: Melvyn Jones
Comment: Yes, a great shop. I still see the owner Henry occasionally in Redditch. They eventually sold the last shop in Shirley. He’ll be pleased you all remember.

Name: Aid Cooper
Comment: Wagged a day off school to buy a Jam record there.

Name: Paul Scott
Comment: I used to cycle down to the Shirley shop then cycle back home to Hall Green with the carrier bag flapping away.

Name: Karen Taylor
Comment: Think I brought my first record here - The Jackson 5's ABC.

Name: Dawn Lambeth
Comment: Met Les Gray from Mud there. He officially opened it. Held his hand and had a kiss and he gave me and my friend a signed photo and record of Groovy Kind of Love. I was about 14 I think - lol xx

Name: Sally Geary
Comment: My first single was Queen's Killer Queen.

Name: Dave Harrington
Comment: Yep, got my first AC/DC album from there... plus many others over the years.

Name: Samantha Carberry
Comment: Bought Ghost Town by The Specials in there in 1981.

Name: Pam JT
Comment: Yes, I bought my first single from the one in Northfield precinct... David Cassidy, 45p!

Name: Kevin McManus
Comment: Bought my first single from there. Cum on Feel the Noize - Slade.


Dave Harwood
04 Dec 2023 at 12:05
I found this advert in the 'Birmingham Daily Post' dated 7th December 1973: “Studio Musica for all records, tapes, hi-fi and car radios. 182 Stratford Road, Shirley. 021-744 5883. 16 St. Mary's Row, Moseley. 021-449 2974. 11 The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northfield. 021-476 3973.”



11 The Grosvenor Centre B31 2JU Northfield / Birmingham
26 The Rye Market DY8 1HJ Stourbridge / Worcestershire
182 Stratford Road B90 3LT Shirley / West Midlands
1 The Trident Centre DY1 1QJ Dudley / West Midlands
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