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Studio Musica – Grosvenor Shopping Centre Northfield. This shop has the distinction of being the shop I bought my very first album from – Frampton Comes Alive in 1976. Comment: Mark Tyler.

(Jan 30,2015) Used to buy sheet music from the Shirley shop (near the Shirley Temple restaurant!). Got the books for Rod Stewart's 'Never A Dull Moment' and Lindisfarne's 'Dingly Dell' there. Happy days! Comment:Pete Bowman

I started work as an apprentice dental technician in 1971. The dental lab was on the other side of Stratford Road to Studio Musica. I think I visited most days to have a flick through the albums. Often buying singles (T.Rex mostly) and who remembers the 7" cardboard sleeves to protect them. Comment:Mick Blizzard

Charlie Ray

Still got some of them bags myself with my records in them

Andy Fincham

Happy days queueing to get the new T.Rex singles or flicking through the albums and planning the next paper round money spend.

Sally Barlow

I remember that place, got my first single in there, long hair lover from Liverpool by Little Jimmy Osmond lol

Pam JT

Yes it was... got my first single from there, David Cassidy Daydreamer

David Horton

Used Northfield and Shirley branches, me and my mate kept them going getting the latest chart records ready for the weekend gigs!!!

Graham Plevey

Wow, yes I remember, just across from Sainsbury's. I had not realised they were a chain though. Woolworths always seemed to get my business for the latest 7inch from my pocket money!

Julie Carol Rudd

I used to get all my records from the one in Grosvenor.

Eddie Dunne

Brought my 1st vinyl from inside the Grosvenor when all the lads from Northfield hung around outside but as it stands I knew them all

David Evans

I was a driver for Philips records and we always called it STUD MUZ

Keith Maxwell

I youst to get my records from them in Northfield for my DJ

Corina Tonga

Loved it, I worked part time in the green grocers, Mitchell's in the when I got paid I was straight in there

Melvyn Jones

Yes a great shop I still see the Owner occasionally in Redditch . Henry they eventually sold the last shop in Shirley He’ll be pleased you all remember. B

Aid Cooper

Wagged a day off school to buy a Jam record there

Paul Scott

I used to cycle down to the Shirley shop then cycle back home to Hall Green with the carrier bag flapping away

Karen Taylor

Think I brought my first record here jackson 5 ABC

Dawn Lambeth

Met Les Gray from Mud there. He officially opened it. Held his hand and had kiss and gave me and my friend a signed photo and record of Groovy Kind of love. I was about 14 I think lol xx

Sally Geary

My first single was Queen. Killer Queen

Dave Harrington

Yep, got my first AC/DC album from there... plus many others over the years

Samantha Carberry

Bought ghost town by the specials in there in 81.

Pam JT

Yes I bought my first single from the one in Northfield precinct.... David Cassidy, 45p!.

Kevin McManus

Bought my first single from there. Cum on Feel the Noize- Slade


Dave Harwood
04 Dec 2023 at 12:05
I found this advert in the 'Birmingham Daily Post' dated 7th December 1973: “Studio Musica for all records, tapes, hi-fi and car radios. 182 Stratford Road, Shirley. 021-744 5883. 16 St. Mary's Row, Moseley. 021-449 2974. 11 The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Northfield. 021-476 3973.”


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