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Stylus 4 in Cheltenham was owned by the legendary Penny(don’t mess with me) Powell. Comment:-Charlie Pollock.

( November 12, 2015) Drove me mad, as a rep she used to inspect every single piece of vinyl .... took forever and the pre-ordering of albums upstairs whilst she flashed herself while sipping a GnT...scarey lol
Comment: Mark Sony.

Comment I used to deliver records to this shop when I worked for courier express, and | always fancied penny, would love to know where she is now
graham roberts


Dave Harwood
04 Dec 2023 at 02:00
I found this advert in the 'Gloucestershire Echo' dated 10th April 1986: “RECORDS, CASSETTES, COMPACT DISCS - 24 WINCHCOMBE STREET, CHELTENHAM. Telephone: 32828. End of Lease - HALF PRICE CLEARANCE SALE. ALL CHART ALBUMS, CASSETTES, 12in. SINGLES (Excluding New Releases); CLASSICAL, FOLK, NOSTALGIA, MoR, COUNTRY, POP, SOUL and DISCO, FILMS and SHOWS, etc.”

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