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Stylus Records

Name: Tony May
Comment: I used to work in Stylus circa 1983 -85 when it was run by Nelson De Souza. He sold the business to Diane Star's dad so she could have a shop of her own (she used to work in The Disc Jockey). Met loads of great friends while working in the shop and will always remember the old days of vinyl and seven inch singles with much love. The building where Stylus was is no more now as it was demolished to make way for a road and an underpass. I feel as if the world of music I knew and loved has also gone replaced by the bloody supermarkets, downloading and the internet. God bless all you record shop devotees!

Name: Alan Esdaile
Comment: Stylus Records was started by Bob McKenzie. This shop in Castle Street was previously home to Rediffusion when Bob was the manager. When the shop closed down, Bob started Stylus Records in George Street, Old Town and moved to Castle Street a couple of years later.

Photos: Tony May, 1989




13-14 Castle Street, Hastings
TN34 3DY
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