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Name Kaz Green Comment: Used to buy all my Gary Numan vinyl in here. Great shop. Sadly missed. (July 13, 2017)

I can remember going into Subway Records in West Street in 1981 and buying the yellow album cover with a computer on it called “Computerworld” by Kraftwerk.

Ah, a mystery that’s puzzled me for years.

I recall a record shop at the top of North Street (left hand side, above the Film Theatre and next door to Moss Bros or whatever the clothes shop on the corner of North Street/West Street is/was). Memory says the sign/logo was red and like the underground sign.

It was definitely open in 1968. They were busted for displaying the nude women cover to Jimi Hendrix’ ‘Electric Ladyland and forced by the Council to display it in a paper bag. They also got in trouble for The Fugs lp ‘It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest’, largely for the accompanying sticker that said ‘Get Fugged’. They removed them from the window and let me have the last 20 or so they had left when I bought the LP (it wasn’t a big seller).

I don’t recall the shop being open past about 1973, but ‘Computerworld’ was issued in 1981, which matches, so if that memory is right they were open years beyond what I thought.




Subway Records
40 West Street

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