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(Dec 19, 2013) Anonymous said:THE COOLEST RECORD SHOP IN OXFORD.......

(April 2, 2015)I used to work at Sunshine Records Little Clarendon Street Oxford in the mid 70's-This was one of Grahams shops which was then managed by John Northcote later of Academy Music Group.....great memories Happy Daze!!...........sadly no pics, If anyone has an old Sunshine Records plastic bag post it up!!.....Cheers Dillon*see Checkmate Records Newbury entry.

(July 19, 2015) Came over from San francisco...Opened SUNSHINE in October 71/I hired John.....he worked for me.......I sold shop to Graham....that was the best thing that ever happened to Oxford.......Sunshine promoted the EAGLES Concert when they came to Oxford Polytech in March of 73/ paid them 375 quid. Comment: Michael Kirschner

(October 30. 2015) Great shop! Friends and I would make a regular pilgrimage from Reading. I remember buying The Allman Brothers - Idlewild South album (amongst many others) there. Also went to the Eagles gig at the Poly in '73. Comment: Steve Mags.

Name Andrew Williamson Comment: Coolest shop in Oxford in the coolest street in the 1970s - where else would you have bought your Sons of Champlin, Ben Sidran and Dan Hicks albums? (July 11, 2016)

Name Jon More Comment: Introduced to Fela Kuti in this shop in 1973... spent my hard earned pocket money on vinyl I still own today.....(Oct 19, 2016).

Many happy times spent browsing (pls note, Amazon !) the latest LPs in mid 70's. Also used to be a cool clothes shop in the same street - flares etc !
Thanx for all the memories (wish I'd kept my Sunshine bags).

Robert Rice

Bought The Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen and The Stranglers' Peaches in the 'Blackmail' sleeve, which turned out to be a wise investment. 1977. Can't believe there aren't any photos of the shop!
James Dutton

Hi, I am Graham's daughter, Caroline. It was also my mother's shop - Sue Rowe. Thanks - it means a lot to see the shop online. I have vivid memories of the mushroom shaped stools!

Caroline Rowe (2023)




Sunshine Records 31a Westbury Ave, Wood Green, N22

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