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I well remember saturday afternoons spent in Swales, looking through their eclectic selection of music that couldn't be found elsewhere. Having them play Spooky Tooth's Ceremony for me, before walking out with the album clutched to my chest, discovering Saturnalia, Faust, and so much more. In a world of 'if it isn't in the top 20 we don't stock it', Swales was a beacon of 'try this - you might like it'. Sadly missed, from 12,000 miles and 50 years away.


Ian Mccaffrey
Kathryn Shewry lol

Freda Swales
Lol our stock system. No computers so cd arrived in the shop and given a number (this one 2194) A masterbag would be written with artists name title of cd and filed away. Cd number then quantity and date received. We had to also handwrite details in a… See more

Vanessa Vivian Mori
Yes ! Swales.

Phil Walker
Remember writing titles in that big log book! How did we manage without computers?□

Isabel Lewis
Oh yes I remember those!




2-6 High Street, Haverfordwest. Opened in 1961 closed 2006

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