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Sydney Scarborough in particular was where you could pick up those singles that came in paper and plastic rather than proper sleeves - such as the Soup Dragons and The Shop Assistants. Janice

Downstairs at Sydney Scarborough's in Hull, is where I used to buy most of my records - including ordering Joy division's Transmission, and the Human League's Being Boiled on the same day. Paul Wright

I probably sold it chicky !! Still miss it now was a total legend of Record Stores I was there from 1978 to 1989 and in Leeds for same company 1990 to 92 :) Comment: Tracy Hart

I worked in the service department in the basement I was a apprentice
I was 17 years old in 1963 we started at 8 30 in the morning had an hour dinner and finished at 6pm had Thursday afternoon off half day closing Some of the people I worked with were Jef Grassby Alan Huwson Ken Dixon John Weight Frank Arnold Dennis Mitchell Will Appleyard . I married one of the office girls Linda Warhurst in 1967 I am now 68 Happy Days. Comment: Terry Allen

Name: Varenka Allam
Comment: Worked here 1969 till 1975 then kept going back after having having kids .. still there when we closed down in 2000.. great memories great people, many changes through the decades, very strict back in the day, Mr.John was always on the warpath .. woe-be-tide if you were talking when he came down those stairs. ! Fantastic memories of this iconic place ... Worked there from 1969, I remember Ken Dixon in the repairs dept, Mrs.G,& Mr.Arnold in the radio dept, Alan Wilson, manager record dept ... Worked with .. Collette Jessop, Liz, Jeanie .. The booths were great, always full, always playing the latest sounds (February 3, 2017)
I worked there in 1956. I remember Mr John who was a fearsome figure. Used to go to lunch with the lads from downstairs - names forgotten. My 'pash' was Sheila H. who was in charge of record sales. I remember some of the other names mentioned. The whole thing is somewhat reminiscent of ''Grace Brothers'' in Are you Being Served. Great times, before I moved to Beverley with Sheila to work in a record shop there. Business failed and I left to join the RN. Now living in France aged 77
Brian Collinson
I worked at Syd's from 1976 to 1980 when I left to become manager of Fox's in Washington. Loved it there. Wish I had known about the exhibition sooner. I kept in touch with my co-worker Rene Tute until her death. I was in touch with her daughter Di but I lost her address. I think that she lives in Hessle. Can anyone help me find her?
Phred Goodhead

Name: Varenka Allam
Comment: I started here in 1969 and worked a few years in every decade until we had to close our doors in 2001.

In the early days we had five booths along the back wall with five record players on a shelf behind the counter, we put on whatever the customer wanted, again teenagers cramming in to listen. Booth 1 was used a lot by us, if there were no customers in, to play our favourite tunes.

Later on after Fox's Music took over in 1974, it was fully refurbished and made into a three-storey music centre. The booths were ripped out and the customers given headphones to listen to whatever they wanted.

We had a big exhibition in Hull's Year of Culture 2017, it ran for a month.

Name: Trevor Tanton
Comment: My mother was Betty Scarborough sister to the late Mr Scarborough.




Under City Hall, Queen Victoria Square, Carr Lane
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