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About one third or so of my ~600 singles were bought by slowly going through every single on the ballard's lane branch's shelves on saturday mornings for I don't know how many weeks in 1967-8, initially mystifying, and then more-or-less hypnotising the record ''department'' shop-worker, and then her boss, the shop manager, occasionally requesting singles I'd never heard of be played - or at least, a snatch of them from the intro through the start of the first couple of bars; singles from the earlier sixties, singles from the late and mid-fifties...

They'd never held a sale to dispose of unsold stock, and were happy to let me have aught I found as was no longer in the catalogue for one-third the price of a current single - for months, every saturday morning, I was in heaven!
p. pinto

My brother Pete and I both worked for Tally Ho Electric. It was popular with quite a few celebs. Marc Bolan came in when he was unknown and with the band Johns Children. Other customers included Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Patrick McGoohan and others. I serviced their TV's, and HiFi equipment from the service department at 845 High Road. On a Saturday morning you could hardly move in the shop, it was packed with people buying records. Good times.
Steve Marshall


Dave Harwood
05 Dec 2023 at 02:55
I found this advert in the 'Daily Herald' dated 15th October 1958:
“TALLY-HO ELECTRIC LTD., Finchley: 3, Grand Arcade, N.12. HIL 3402 and 109, Ballards Lane, N.3. FIN 1374.”


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