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It is time to move on. We are now at the end of the Bishopric. Crossing the road to West Street, the town’s main shopping street, we find ourselves immediately in Tansley & Cooke. This was another dual purpose store. Electrical goods downstairs. Upstairs to the record department with racks of albums, singles by the counter and listening booths. We must have gone through a timeshift to 1973 because the walls are festooned with the sleeves and posters for the Beatles 1962 – 66 and 1967 – 70 (Red & Blue) compilations and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. I think I mostly bought singles in Tansley & Cooke, one of which I believe was Champs Boys disco version of Tubular Bells (blue plastic embossed Philips label) in 1976, which shrunk Mike Oldfield’s album length masterpiece to about 4 minutes and married it to the bassline from Donna Summer’s Love To Love You Baby.


FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 8:06 PM

Thanks so much Alan. Tansley & Cooke! Sounds Groovy! Music Lovers! All formative influences in my own record collection. I can confirm the shop opposite Woollies was Martins (I would remember that). Before Swan Walk when Boots was opposite Timothy Whites at th top of West Street it had a couple of record carousels I used to browse. The market stall furnished me with several alleged bootlegs, mostly completely unlistenable! Good memorie




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