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Bag Image Sacred Records Peckham.

(June 27, 2014) Steve Jones said:Tape Revolution was one of those places which imported huge stocks of deleted lps and - obviously - tapes from America and oddly Italy. These included a load of rubbish but also a lot of Stax, Atlantic, etc. I picked up the Shaft soundtrack and some Hendrix records on tape around 1973 or 74. Later the shops were renamed and became part of the new Our Price chain and gave up on the cutout stuff.

(Jan 13, 2016) I worked at the Finchley Road branch for a month or two in the autumn of 1972. I went for an interview with Gary Nesbitt at the Sportsmanship Club in Tottenham Court Road and got the job. I had been a Social Secretary at college beforehand in Twickenham. Working at Tape Revolution got me to see the ads in Music Week and I applied for a job at BBC Records and took that. It was just tapes and eight track then as I recall. Cheers. Mark‚Äč. Mark Rye

I worked at Tape Revolution from '73 to 76. I too was interviewed by Gary at the Sportsman. He and business partner Mike Isaacs had five branches then, Kingston, Ken Church St, Tottenhan Ct Rd,Finchley Rd and Golders Green. I started at Kingston, then drove their van transporting tapes & records & filling in sometimes at other branches to eventually manage Ken Church St branch. Met some interesting people both staff and customers.
Coincidentaly, many years later my wife made several visits to Ragdale Hall, a health spa owned by Mike Isaacs and the Nesbitt family.
NIgel Krause

I worked for Our Price when it was Tape Revolution. My partner, at the time, worked for TR and Our Price at Golders Green, Kingston, Finchley Road and Tottenham Ct Rd. All in London. He was known as Mac and ended up as an area manager.
We also both worked for Tape Revolution in Munich, Germany.
Wendy Perkins


Iain Cuthbertson
19 Jun 2023 at 03:38
I worked for Tape Revolution from about October 1975 to April 1976. I started in Tottenham Court Road and then moved to the mail order department in Kingston. There is an advert from Black Echoes 1976 displayed. Do you know of the actual date as I would like to find a copy? Thanks.



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