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  • BBC Wales, eh! Wonder why they decided that was the channel to sell most?

    By Benjamin Earl (01/11/2015)

  • Oh, and reminds me how heavy old TVs used to be. It nearly killed me and a flatmate moving one to the top floor of the car park after we’d bought it. Funny to think it used to be standard to rent a television, too.

    By Benjamin Earl (01/11/2015)

  • I’m pretty certain Taylor’s in Nuneaton did not sell Washing Machine (or any White Goods). It focussed on selling what the trade calls ‘Brown Goods’ TV & Audio equipment (Radios, Hi-Fi). Sheet Music, Records, Pianos and other musical instruments always with the emphasis on quality and service…..

    However, Taylor’s of Bedworth which was owned and run by Eric Taylor and his wife Margaret (brother of Freda who founded the Nuneaton shop) sold both Brown and White Goods, and for a time records and Technics Organs.

    By John Sutton (15/02/2022)


Dave Harwood
05 Dec 2023 at 03:38
I found this address in the 'Coventry Evening Telegraph' dated 17th March 1972:
“TAYLORS OF NUNEATON. 119 Abbey Street, Nuneaton, Telephone: Nuneaton 2645.”



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